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Compliances & Security

Online security and privacy at Currency World USA

Currency World Inc is subject to comprehensive regulation by Financial Crime Enforcement Network and California state regulator.
At Currency World USA, we take your privacy and data seriously. We are committed to securing your financial information and we employ proven technology to protect and secure your personal information. Currency World USA is regulated by both state and federal U.S. government agencies.


How secure is the Currency World Inc money transfer service and website? 2018-09-11T06:18:35+00:00

We use 128-bit data security encryption, so all information sent between your web browser and our website remains private and secure. The entire are secure pages. We regularly audit our security policies to ensure the protection of your personal data. All Currency World USA employees pass financial and criminal background checks as a condition of employment.

Which third party security and privacy organizations have certified Currency World USA? 2018-09-17T16:34:26+00:00

Better Business Bureau – Currency World USA is a member of the Better Business Bureau online reliability program and meets all accreditation standards.

What about unauthorized use of my account? 2018-09-25T05:29:01+00:00

If you ever notice any unauthorized activity on your Currency World USA account, please report it immediately by calling us at (510)460-9641or by emailing us at

Does Currency World USA share my information? 2018-09-11T06:21:17+00:00

We’re committed to protecting your privacy and security. We need to share some of your information with our partners in order to process your transaction,Your personal data will be used to process your order – this may include identification and security checks. You can also choose to allow us to use your information to keep you up-to-date with information about future Currency World USA deals and offers.

Is Currency World USA regulated by the government? 2018-09-11T06:21:50+00:00

Currency World USA is regulated directly by the federal government and by various U.S. state governments and agencies.

What are your Return/ refund policy? 2018-09-11T06:22:33+00:00
  • We are committed in completing the order on the order booked rate. Irrespective to price moments. We will give 100% refund to customer if currency not available and unable to complete the order.
  • If customer order multiple currencies and if we are unable to provide you one currency than we will refund you part money of the one currency.
  • Customer can only cancel the order until the shipment of currencies did not left our office premises. Once the shipping carrier pick up the package, the order cannot be cancelled.
  • Refund: 100% Refund will be given if the Currencies are not shipped from our office.
  • Once the currencies are shipped from our office location no Refund will given to the customer.
  • If Customer want to return the currencies than we will buy the currency on that day buy rate at our office location or they can ship to us and customer pay for shipping. customer bares the exchange loss.
  • No refund will be given for shipment delay due to weather conditions or shipping company carrier technical failure.

Commitment to Compliance

Currency World, Inc. acknowledges the importance of all relevant laws, rules, regulations, policies and standards and complies with them. We are committed to strict management discipline and a first-class control and compliance environment. As a regulated entity, Currency World, Inc. is required to meet strict financial standards. We are also required to routinely submit financial reports to our regulators. These standards and others are rigorously enforced by FinCEN and the various state regulators, which have the right to fine firms and/or terminate their regulatory status for violations. In this effort, Currency World, Inc. has implemented a comprehensive compliance program to handle money laundering concerns and adhere to OFAC regulations.

Money laundering is the process by which persons or businesses attempt to conceal the origin and ownership of the proceeds of illegal activity such as fraud, theft, drug trafficking, or any other crime. Money laundering may also involve the use of legitimately derived funds to finance terrorism. Various financial products and transactions, including those related to the foreign exchange market, may be involved in money laundering schemes. Accordingly, we are aggressive in not allowing Currency World, Inc. to be used as a vehicle for such activity. Money laundering is a criminal offense and can subject its perpetrators and/or facilitators to substantial criminal and civil sanctions, including imprisonment and fines. To ensure compliance with anti-money laundering laws and regulations, Currency World, Inc. has implemented policies and procedures to detect, prevent and report money laundering or other suspicious activity.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control administers and enforces economic sanctions programs primarily against countries and groups of individuals, such as terrorists and narcotics traffickers. The sanctions can be either comprehensive or selective, using the blocking of assets and trade restrictions to accomplish foreign policy and national security goals. Currency World, Inc. conducts electronic screening of customer transactions through U.S. government and other sanctioned party lists.

Terms & Conditions for Online Orders


How much Currency can you take from USA?

Some countries have limit of carrying amount of currencies. Please check the countries travel policy.

Do you sell all currencies?

We sell more than 100 countries currencies of the world.

Can I choose the denominations I want to receive?
We’re sorry but at the moment you can’t choose. However, we’ll do our best to give you a range of denominations and if you’re picking up at one of our stores please feel free to ask for the denominations you need.

Do you charge an ordering fee?

No, Currency World won’t charge you an ordering fee or service charge. When you order your currency, a full breakdown of costs (such as delivery fees) will be shown on the Review page as well as on the Confirmation page and confirmed by e-mail.

Do you charge a service fee or commission?

No, we only charge you the rate you see for your selected currency – there’s no additional fees (although you’ll be charged for shipping).

How can I pay for my currency?

Payment via bank only.

What’s the minimum and maximum amount I can order?

The minimum order required is $50 per currency. Maximum online order should not exceed $2999 of total currencies. If you want to buy more than this amount please visit our office locations.